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We are more than a wellness center, we are a community.

We are proud to host a diverse group of holistic practitioners specializing in herbal healing, nutrition, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, mental health, Reiki, yoga, meditation, and more.

Founded by certified clinical herbalists Megan Mardon and Sarah Salas, with a strong background in functional nutrition, we strive to serve the public in a uniquely
holistic fashion. All clinicians at In Tune are committed to addressing the source of disharmony in their clients, not just quieting symptoms.

We make it our mission to truly listen, and deeply understand how a person’s physical health history, lifestyle, and mind-body connection play into their overall well-being.

Our serene waiting room includes a full herbal medicinary with skilled herbalists on site to formulate teas and tinctures specially for your unique needs. In addition to herbal medicine, we also carry a thoughtfully curated selection
of botanically inspired gifts, body care products, artwork, jewelry & books.
A strong emphasis is placed on sourcing locally and ethically, as well as giving back to the community.