Janelle Grizzard

Janelle Grizzard


Janelle is a licensed massage therapist and yoga instructor. Wanting to combine the two forces together, she brings her knowledge of the body to her yoga classes and her practice of yoga into her massage sessions.

The modalities in her sessions include: deep, Swedish, trigger point, table Thai, pre-natal, post-natal, sports therapy, reflexology, and breath-work.

She enjoys traveling around the world, learning to be a mother to her 1 year old son, reading, being outside in nature, and enjoying live performances of different kinds.

Please visit Liveshantipdx.com for more information.

Jennie Penny

Jennie Penny


Jennie first began her plant medicine practice in a small Brooklyn apartment in the winter of 2015. She founded her wellness line terrafauna shortly after inspired by her interest in aromatherapy and has since evolved to incorporate a broader variety of herbal offerings. She is also responsible for the design behind her wellness line and works as a freelance artist in and out of the Portland area.

While still new to herbalism, her passion for wellness and knowledge in plant medicine is wide and varied. She works to find solutions with a holistic foundation and has great patience and empathy for clients of all ages. 

Although well versed in herbalism, her expertise lies in the use and application of essential oils via aromatherapy. She works to marry aromatic medicine with herbalism to further enhance therapeutic effects. She is also an excellent resource on cannabis consumption. She is a cannabis advocate and educator for those seeking a more well rounded understanding of the plant and for those that desire to use cannabis for more aggressive medical conditions.

Jennie studied at the New York Institute of Aromatherapy in Manhattan and is an Advanced Herbal Practitioner currently earning her certification through the school of Vital Ways in Portland. In addition to spending time at In Tune and creating at home, she also manages at local cannabis dispensary Oregon’s Finest.



Amber Star Pollard

Amber Star Pollard


A recent Portland resident from the Big Island of Hawaii, Amber Star offers a truly unique experience of holistic therapy and healing, with over 12 years of professional experience in several different facets of the healing arts. 

A gifted intuitive healer, spiritual guide and founder of Amber Star Alchemy, her signature work shines through a fusion of modalities, including therapeutic massage, multi-dimensional energy work, and her most distinguished gift, channeling Divine transmissions of Sacred Sound and the Language of Light. The frequencies of her voice and therapeutic bodywork have been known to connect people to higher realms of the Universe, facilitating deep physical and emotional healing, genuine Self-Love, and remembering the Divinity that resides within all that is.

Her life’s work is devoted to integrating the experience of the physical and the spiritual worlds, with a passion for activating the inner Union of our Divine energies, and helping people reconnect with their Soul’s highest truth, building deeper connection, authenticity, and alignment with Unconditional Love in everyday life.

To learn more about Amber Star and her offerings, visit her website at AmberStarAlchemy.com